Frequently Asked Questions

A: Hey. We are set up to be your one stop shop for the coordination and delivery of your order. That means no need to call the restaurant and pay them, you simply put in your address and click what items you want. Then easily pay by Visa/MC/Disc/Amex and have your card ready for verification by the driver. If you have any issues with your order, please drop us a line at or give us a call at 901.873.1364. To place an order, simply ease back to DeliverMe - Home and put in your address over on the right side of the screen. You will then select between an ASAP order or a pre-scheduled order to be delivered at a specific date and time. Then simply choose what sounds delicious to you and order away, following the directions in the checkout. You may also use our convenient apps available for Android and iOS devices.

A: Delivering fountain drinks are both a safety AND customer service issue. Example: Driver is delivering two orders, one from McAlisters and one from Chick Fil-A. Both orders have a total of five fountain drinks. Even with cup holders, fountain drinks are still fairly easy to tip over, spill, leak, have the plastic top ripped off, etc. Not only can this cause a distraction for the driver, but then the driver has to either spend 10-15 minutes on a return trip to the store to get another fountain drink, or try delivering it to you with a good portion of it missing. It's a lose-lose situation. For this reason, we only deliver drinks considered to be 'sealed', such as 12 ounce cans, 20 ounce bottles, or gallon sized teas/lemonades.

A: While tips are certainly appreciated they are not mandatory, even on our larger orders... unless otherwise specified during extreme events i.e. snowstorm. Our delivery fee does in part go to the driver per order, however a portion has to stay in house to help fund licensing, insurance, taxes, training, support, business lines, internet software expense, merchant transaction fees (WHICH ARE INSANE, BTW), and of course, MLGW. Our drivers are very important links to ensuring customer satisfaction and end-user gratuity must be considered in their compensation package. We will always encourage you to reward the driver for being awesome, if it is reasonably within your position to do so. If your driver wasn't awesome, we want to know how we can improve and request you reach out to us by e-mail or by telephone. Bottom line (TL;DR) on Tips: the driver is compensated on a per delivery basis only. Any credit card or cash tips applied toward the order go directly to the driver and NOT to DeliverMe.

A: Two primary methods, our preferred way is e-mail to as that hits both of the owners' mobile phones in addition to the Staff Desk. You can also call our landline at 901.873.1364, however we are a small locally owned and operated business and cannot guarantee the calls will be manned at every second of our operational hours. If the business line hits VM, leave one but we ask you also please send an e-mail. =)

A: Well, that's a variety of factors. The short answer is AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. With that being said, we are at the mercy of multiple factors including traffic transit time, meal preparation time, and multiple orders happening simultaneously. We do utilize heat insulated packs to keep your meal warm and cold packs for beverages. While our target goal is 45 minutes, it could be sooner or later based on the circumstances listed above. We greatly value your business and assure you that your happiness and convenience is our paramount concern.

A: PLEASE CALL US FIRST! -- Not something we want to hear, but we understand issues happen. We ask you contact us first because contacting the restaurant directly may confuse staff members when the original order was issued to the restaurant from our staff. -- When you place your order, it is your responsibility to ensure adequate instructions either by options or the 'Special Instructions' menu box to request preparation to your specifications. We relay orders to the restaurants directly based on what your order states from your input. Most restaurants receive this order electronically to ensure order accountability. DeliverMe WILL NOT open, alter, or in any way handle your prepared meal order, other than the handling necessary to get it into a vehicle and into your hands. DeliverMe cannot be held responsible for incorrectly prepared meals in our capacity of the courier, however your overall satisfaction is highly important to us and please contact us for appropriate resolution.

A: We proudly serve ALL of the 38053 zip code, and a good portion of Southern Tipton to include Atoka, Drummonds, and Munford. If our system is showing you out of area, give us a call at 901-873-1364. We may be able to work something out. You can also always drop us a line at and see if your request is one we can accomodate.

A: The Delivery Fee is completely based on distance from the restaurant, and will only take the shortest route to your location in consideration of the fee.

A: We are partnered with Stripe and are fully PCI compliant in regards to the safety and security of your financial information provided to us in order to conduct business.