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 Open Letter to Our Customers, Vendors, and Neighbors
Tuesday, May 7th, 2019

Hey! Since July 17, 2017, DeliverMe has been your exclusive and premier third-party delivery service in Millington. We’ve since grown to service Atoka, Munford, Drummonds, Arlington, and Lakeland. DeliverMe in conjunction with our restaurant partners and most importantly, our customers we serve, have attracted big name national competition who is launching into Millington tomorrow morning, May 8th.

As a customer, you will now have multiple companies vying to deliver your order to your door. This only means one thing in the end … THE CUSTOMER WINS. Competition makes the customer experience better in many aspects, and you can expect DeliverMe to continue delivering outstanding personalized service dedicated to making you happy and a little less hungry.

Instead of spending oodles of marketing dollars fighting the competition, I simply want to reinforce the experience we already deliver. When you order from DeliverMe, you are ordering local food delivered by locals, managed by locals, and owned by locals. DeliverMe is not a franchise or major national company, your owners live in a house in Lucy off Highway 51. Our profits are used in the same way yours are, by paying MLGW, the local telephone company, and local and city taxes. When you order from the big-name competition, your dollars after expenses go to a corporation in San Francisco, California. In addition, the drivers delivering your order are pooled from areas as far away as Frayser, North Memphis, Downtown Memphis, Bartlett, Midtown, and possibly as far away as Southaven. With DeliverMe, you have a local driver assigned to the Millington Market, or you have a local driver assigned to the Arlington and Lakeland Market. With DeliverMe, our driver/contractors are in constant communication with dispatch and the owners, who are 100% active in daily operations. The drivers of the competition work off a phone screen, have no feedback given to them by anyone in a management or supervisory position, and even have the ability to cancel your order without notifying you or an active dispatcher. I say this in confidence because I have driven for our new competition.

When I started DeliverMe, I did so because I wanted the citizens of this area to have options. Living in Lucy, we’ve had Pizza Hut and Domino’s as the only delivery options … ever. Now you have additional options that does not necessarily include our company. It’s my updated goal to make sure the City of Millington and our expanded markets have constant and reliable service in this industry. We have amazing relationships with our partnered and non-partnered restaurants and we are equally committed to helping them succeed because the more options we all have, the happier we all are. Point blank.


Here’s to what’s ahead.                    


-Trey @ DeliverMe